How to Successfully Market Your Golf Event

May 17, 2012

Whether you have been the host of your company’s annual golf tournament for the past two decades, or your boss put you in charge of organizing this year’s outing, there are several steps you want to take in order to host a successful event.  Many people and businesses don’t realize the profit opportunity when hosting a golf event, which could be anything from a charity tournament to an annual employee outing.  Like most other business events, the objective is to generate a profit.   More often than not, the one’s hosting the event are overly focused on their “expenses” rather than the customer, or in this instance, the golfer.  Taking care of the golfer should be the number one priority.  A happy golfer means an opportunity for repeat business year after year.

While a sleeve of golf balls, a pack of tees and a couple ball markers may seem like a sufficient gift for the golfer in the eyes of the host, the golfer may see it as the cheap way out.  We all understand it takes money to pay for more appealing giveaways, but who ever said it had to be your money?

Lesson #1: Optimize Sponsorships

Let the sponsors pay for your giveaways.  The more sponsors you can sign on for the event, the less out of pocket expense for you.  Rather than giving away golf balls branded with one company’s logo, package together a kit of promotional gifts branded with several company’s logos.


  1. Giveaway sleeve of Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (Most Popular Ball)
    • One, possibly two sponsors on ball
    • 20% profit
  2. Giveaway kit bundled with sleeve of Callaway Warbird 2.0 golf balls (fairly cheap ball, but ability to leverage quality of ball because Callaway is recognizable name), a matchbook tee holder, a chilly pad towel (one of the hottest new innovations), poker chips (ball markers), a scramble pick (pole used to pick up ball quickly during scramble play), and a hat clip slider.
    • Bury balls within kit (so the balls aren’t the highlight)
    • Although this may seem like a lot initially, if you have partnered with enough sponsors, these gifts leave endless possibilities for logo placement, and in turn, a very low out of pocket expense.
    • 40% profit
  3. Event Memorabilia
    • Giveaway framed golf towel, covered with sponsors logos
    • Design a unique trophy imprinted with sponsor logos

Whichever gift(s) you choose to share with the event participants, be sure to utilize both your sponsors and your promotional space.  Once the sponsors are in place, the possibilities for promoting them within the event are seemingly endless.  Hole signs, green signs, flags, banners, shirts, umbrella’s, etc, make sure to chose your products wisely, keeping in mind, the more space for sponsors, the more revenue generated.

For a more detailed guide to planning your next golf event, our friends over at BallPro have put together a Tournament Planner, which you can view HERE.

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