Make The Most of The Great Outdoors

Believe it or not, June 21st is just around the corner and the summer weather is upon us.  Whether you’re the gung-ho outdoors-man like John Candy, or the Dan Aykroyd of the bunch who is used to staying at the Ritz, summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors.  While June is officially coined Great Outdoors Month, the beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes, and outdoor attractions will be flooded with people.  While this is a time for you to enjoy the weather with your friends and family,  it’s also an ideal marketing opportunity for companies in the outdoor industry as well as promote corporate wellness programs.

National Fishing Week and National Camping Week cover the first and last weeks, respectively,  in June, but there is continuous opportunity for marketers to harness the outdoors crowd.  I’ve highlighted some of the hottest promotional products below, but surely there are thousands more to choose from depending on your business.

  • Bottle Opener Carabiner with Knife and Flashlight – this versatile gadget pretty much covers all the bases, making it the perfect item for the average person in the summertime.
  • Waterproof Valuables Pouch – If you haven’t taken your phone or camera for an unexpected plunge, surely you know someone who has.  What better way to protect your mobile devices from water, sand, & rain than this handy pouch.  Did I mention it comes with a lanyard?
  • Canteens/Water Bottles – Regardless of what activity you’re partaking in, hydration is necessary.
  • Towels – Beach towels, hand towels, golf towels.  Everyone uses these during the summer months.

As I said, these are just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to products available.  If you’re interested in receiving more information, catalogs, or samples, contact us at

Stay safe and enjoy your great outdoors!


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