NEPPA Supplier Showcase 2012


Last Friday, I attended the New England Promotional Products Association (NEPPA) Supplier Showcase Seminar in Dedham, MA.  This was my first seminar and also my first real exposure to some of the industry’s top suppliers and local distributors.  Overwhelming, but in a sense that there was a TON of new information, but at the same time, a great way to dive head first right into the meat of the industry.  A variety of suppliers, which I have listed below, allowed me to get a taste of several types of products available.

  • Cap America
  • Hutchinson Marketing Design
  • Prime Line
  • Charles River Apparel
  • Fields Manufacturing
  • Target Line
  • Bag Makers
  • Poly Concept
  • Bic & Norwood
  • Sanford

Not only was I introduced to some of the newest, most innovative promotional products on the market, I learned that there really is a product for every company, every person, and every event.  Dream it, you can most likely have it.  The challenge, I presume, is utilizing your resources effectively to find the perfect product for each consumer needs.  Something to remember if you’re an end consumer is that samples are always available.  Ideas may look good on paper, but they always feel better when you have a physical sample product.

Whether you’re hosting an event, rewarding employees with a custom gift, placing your next stationery order, ordering T-Shirts for your buddies, or whatever it may be, customized products are always better.  On top of the benefit of branding, it adds a dimension of personalization to your gifts.  People love a freebie, especially when it’s imprinted with a memory.

View our digital catalog HERE, but don’t hesitate to inquire if you don’t find what you’re looking for.  Chances are, we’ll find it!

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