Some brief thoughts on value and price

We here an awful lot of advice these days on saving money.  Certainly there’s good reason to do so and there are many areas of our lives where we can justify some cut backs and perhaps some negotiation. Utility bills, transportation costs, cable bills and even family vacations are areas that savings can be achieved.

On the other hand there are expenses in our private as well as business lives that just don’t make sense to scrimp on. Things like food for your family, shelter, health care etc. are not places to scrimp. 

When it comes to business expenses the important ones are really investments rather than expenses.  There is no savings buying inferior equipment or supplies if they don’t work when you need them. A delivery truck with a blown transmission is no good no matter how cheaply you got it.

The same thing goes for marketing materials. There is absolutely no savings by hiring your neighbor’s 15 year old kid to set up your web site or to design a logo for the business that you depend on to provide your livelihood. Nor is there any advantage to finding some cheap off-shore internet printer who may or may not deliver your goods correctly and on time and possibly do who knows what with the credit card info you give them.

And by the way have you ever given any thought to why they would give you 250 business cards for free? Because you have given them your name, phone number and current email address!

Munro Graphics is proud of our record of service to our customers and to our community. We are aware that there are always going to be cheaper alternatives but we stand behind our product. We know what it takes to deliver the quality materials you need to make your business grow. The name Munro is my name. It stands for quality. Always has and always will.

I wish I could remember who once gave me this sage advice but he’ll have to remain anonymous but what he said then is timeless. “You just can’t be disappointed if you paid for the best”

Let me leave some silly but true thoughts about discount pricing that I’ve seen and heard over the years.

“McDonald’s has a dollar menu, but not everything is on it”  Anonymous

“We do the cheapest Lasik surgery in town!  No sir, if you’re going to poke a laser in my eye I want the best”  Jeff Foxworthy

Sign on a Tatoo Parlor “Grand Opening Special, Free Tatoos Today Only” Uh Uh if you’re going to ink me I want you to be proud enough of your skill to charge for it.

And last but not least, someone once asked one of the early astronauts what it was like sitting at the top of a rocket waiting for lift off. He replied, “it’s mighty scary when you think that everything was put together by the lowest bidder.”



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