Help your printer help you and save money in the process

There’s an old but true saying that goes, “to be terrific be specific”. That is so true when it comes to ordering printing.

Those of us beyond a certain age grew up watching Johnny Carson and all of his unique characters. Most notably was when Johnny put on his turban, held an envelope to his forehead and tried to guess the contents.

Odds are your printer is no better at guessing what you want than Johnny was.

I recently had a customer call who wanted to just re-order business cards. Or so I thought….. As I sat here at my desk pen in hand thinking all I needed to write was how many he proceeded to completely re-design his business card, VERBALLY. Sorry folks that is a mistake waiting to happen. You can’t expect your printer to be able to take complex instructions over the phone and then convert them into a new design.

Send it to us in writing and ask for a proof. Your printer will thank you and you’ll save money and time on costly reprints and revisions.


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