Munro Graphics Facebook page

I’ve just created a Facebook page for Munro Graphics Commercial Printers. You can view it at Munro Graphics Facebook  It’s just one more way to keep relationships with my friends and customers but it looks like a good experiment.

If you like Facebook please become a fan. I’ll be offering special incentives from time to time just for fans.


2 Responses to Munro Graphics Facebook page

  1. Can you tell me how effective your face book site has been in getting new business leads? It looks great, but how much new business has it generated? I am debating on whether to create one for our business or not.

    • Jim Munro says:

      Thanks for the feedback Matthew. To be honest I think FB and all of the social networking stategies are good tools but not something we can depend on to replace traditional sales strategies. I know I am spending a lot more time with them than I can justify in terms of empirical results but it’s an experiment that I want to try for a bit longer before I give up on it.

      In the meantime I am still a big believer in face to face/belly to belly customer contact.

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