Choosing the right paper

Choosing the right paper for your print project is like choosing the right siding for your home.

You can go to the home improvement store and pick out the promotional grade and have it installed and it may even look ok for awhile but in a very short time it may warp, fade or even fall off and then your most precious investment, your home will look very shabby.

Choosing the right paper for your marketing materials is just as important. You’ve either paid a graphic designer or invested significant time of your own designing a brochure or business cards to market your service. You want it to look good and your choice will reflect back on who you are and how you conduct your business.

A professional printer has access to literally hundreds of different papers in hundreds of finishes and shades. We are trained to know which sheet is suitable for which project. We understand the alpabet soup of designations out there. We know what PCW, FSC, etc mean and we know that 28# and 70# is the same thing and that 20# will never be suitable for a brochure.

Next time you need to choose paper ask a professional you’ll be glad you did and it will make a difference in the results of your marketing efforts.


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