Print Budget Reviews at NO CHARGE

Have you ever felt that you are pouring good money down the drain when you establish your annual print budget? Do you even have a print budget? I have been working or living around the printing industry all of my life. I’ve learned a lot! Sometimes by osmosis, sometimes by accident and mostly on purpose. One thing I’ve learned that many not in the industry don’t realize is that printing is not a one size fits all service.  Printers are all great people but very few of us can meet all of our customers needs.

I am offering a consulting service to any business that feels they are spending too much on printing and copying services. I will review your expenses, offer suggestions where appropriate and if you are getting a good deal I will let you know. If you aren’t all I ask is that you give me a shot at your business.

There is no charge for this service for any business within 20 miles of Lawrence Massachusetts.


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