Print Budget Reviews at NO CHARGE

May 14, 2009

Have you ever felt that you are pouring good money down the drain when you establish your annual print budget? Do you even have a print budget? I have been working or living around the printing industry all of my life. I’ve learned a lot! Sometimes by osmosis, sometimes by accident and mostly on purpose. One thing I’ve learned that many not in the industry don’t realize is that printing is not a one size fits all service.  Printers are all great people but very few of us can meet all of our customers needs.

I am offering a consulting service to any business that feels they are spending too much on printing and copying services. I will review your expenses, offer suggestions where appropriate and if you are getting a good deal I will let you know. If you aren’t all I ask is that you give me a shot at your business.

There is no charge for this service for any business within 20 miles of Lawrence Massachusetts.


Green Graphic Design

May 12, 2009

GreenFriendlyLogo Rev.4-9-08 [Converted]I just came across a really great article about how to best utilize paper and design to create an effective marketing piece that is also good for the planet. Unfortunately it is way to big to post here but it is in PDF format. I will be glad to share it with anyone who sends me an email with “green” in the subject line. Just email me at

Welcome to the Munro Graphics Blog

May 12, 2009

Please take a moment to bookmark this blog. It is brand new and will be updated frequently with news and ideas about the printing industry.

We will be offering tips and hints about how to best use your print budget, how to create an effective printed piece yourself, how to choose a graphic designer and more!